Healthy Fresh Food boxes relies on quality local suppliers. Suppliers who have passion and are active in production are prioritised.

 All fruit and veg is Organic and Farmers often practice regenerative farming practices, aiming to leave the land in better shape than when they started. 

Groceries, Bread and Eggs are chosen for their fun factor, taste and treatment of animals. I have a long standing relationship with Ovens st Bakery where the dough is rested for 24 hours before baking. Eggs are as fresh as possible and are purchased directly from the farm. Groceries are from small scale artisans who are directly involved in production. Groceries are raw, fresh, unique and fun.

Day's Walk Farm 

Day's Walk Farm is an Organic Farm in the Keilor Valley. Paul and the hardworking team supply Melbourne's Restaurants with Vegetables and Salads picked daily.


Wood and Co Coffee Roasters

Friendly Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters. Fruity, Espresso and Filter.


Remi's Patch

Remi grows all kinds of nutrient rich vegetables with his bare hands. 

Dalhousie Farm Pastured Eggs

Anne Marie at Dalhousie Farm has 600 hens, but also Geese, Horses, Dogs, Cows, Olives.

Sporadical City Mushrooms



Melba Fresh Organics

Melba Fresh Organics is a family owned business. They distribute fruit and veg from around Australia.

Diego's Eggs

Diego's farmland and instincts combine to create some jumbo eggs.

 Tips from Kneeling Farmers


Local Independent Grocery Surprises

D.R Peanut Butter

D.R Peanut Butter

One of the most requested Items is Josh's Double Roasted Nut Butters. He has a secret blending method that he won't let me film. I normally get the luxurious "Not Chocolate" for the boxes and it always gets good feedback.  

Gorgeous George Probiotics

Gorgeous George Probiotics

I met Adam from Gorgeous George at Flemington Farmers Market. I was looking for Sauerkraut and Kimchi. It was great. Then I moved on to his Dips and they were great too. Gorgeous George can do nothing wrong. More power to you!

3 Bees Honey

The 3 Bees Logo

Aris at 3 Bees Honey knows about Bees. He is President of the Victorian Apiarists Association and helps amateur Beekeepers get started. He's got a huge variety of Raw Honey to choose from.

The Good Brew Company

The Good Brew Co

I've known Deano from the Good Brew Company since he was serving sustainable Beer off the back of a three wheeled bike. His shop is a laboratory for Kombutcha, Tinctures, and Environmental Politics. Proud to have him here in Brunswick.

The Broth Sisters

The Broth Sisters Logo 

Flavour expert Linda sorted me out with the Asian Veggie Stock. It makes cooking a healthy Noodle Soup a breeze.

Lard Ass

Lard Ass Cultured Butter

The Older I become the more I like Butter. It was a real treat to have Lard Ass Salted Cultured Butter spread very thickly on Sourdough Fruit Loaf.I will definitely be getting this butter again.