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Hi, I’m Andrew, the shopkeeper at Brunswick West Workshop.

When I was setting up the shop an elderly lady walked past and asked what the shop was going to be. I replied, “furniture shop,” she looked very disappointed and said, “we don’t want furniture, we want bread”. It’s taken me two years to come around to her way of thinking.

Increasingly I see quality, organic food as one of the most beneficial things we can put our money towards. For the planet, our communities, our families and our health. It’s reassuring to be a part of the abundance that exists on our doorstep. Our experience is enriched by the stories attached to each food item.

Since starting making boxes in early 2019, my own cooking has improved. Using unique veggies impresses people, more bitter flavours have been introduced into my diet. My understanding of flavourings has expanded to now include Yuzu, Soy, and apple cider vinegar regularly.

In the future I hope to get some land just outside Melbourne where I can set up camp, and start a Food Forest. I would supplement the boxes with fruits, berries and nuts grown biodynamically and invite you all around for major harvests and meals.